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You do not need a lawyer to correct errors on your credit reports.  Nevertheless, you can hire an attorney if you want to.  If you are in the middle of a large credit transaction, such as a real estate purchase, or if you do not have the time to take the steps to correct errors on your credit reports, attorneys and others can be hired to take these steps on your behalf.  It is important to understand that whether you are doing it yourself or an attorney is doing it for you, it is sometimes difficult to correct errors and it may not be possible to resolve errors quickly.  Where this causes you harm, litigation with the credit reporting agency may be necessary.

We can help.  We charge flat fees to dispute credit reporting errors, as follows:

Credit Report Review:  $150

- We will download your credit reports, review the reports for errors and explain the methods available to correct errors on the credit reports and to generally improve your credit rating.

Correct Error - 1 Issue:  $200

- If you have a single error on the credit report, we will dispute the error with the credit reporting agencies and the information provider.

Correct Error - Multiple Issues:  $500

- If you have multiple errors on the credit report, we will dispute the errors with the credit reporting agencies and the information providers.

Flat Fee for Credit Error Dispute


Sometimes disputing credit reporting errors will not solve the problem.  Whereas Credit Reporting Agencies are required to review your dispute and independently investigate the dispute, the reality is that credit reporting agencies simply forward your dispute to the Information Provider [the underlying creditor or the collection agency] and the Credit Reporting Agencies rely entirely on the feedback from the Information Provider.  The Information Provider has little motivation to correct the error.  Maintaining the error on your credit report puts pressure on you to pay the disputed debt.  This often comes up in the context of a major credit transaction, such as a refinance or real estate purchase.  When the Information Provider refuses to correct the error most people decide to pay the debt rather than cancel the transaction.  This is not fair.  One of your options is to sue the Credit Reporting Agencies for failure to truly investigate and resolve the dispute.  In these situations the Credit Reporting Agencies need to be sued.  We can help.  We will litigate for you on a contingency fee basis - meaning that there is no cost to you. Our fees will be paid by the Credit Reporting Agencies.  Contact us if you want to talk about litigation.


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